• Hammered Pod Silver BraceletSALE

    Hammered Pod Silver Bracelet

    This beautiful, contemporary bracelet featuring pods of hammered .925 sterling and polished oval links. Lovely to wear and admire! Bracelet adjusts from 18.5 to 21 cm.


  • Hammered Silver Link  BraceletSALE

    Hammered Silver Link Bracelet

    A stunning, contemporary bracelet featuring oval links of hammered .925 sterling silver. Bracelet is 20 cm long.


  • Hammered Silver Medium BangleSALE

    Hammered Silver Medium Bangle

    This is destined to become your absolute favourite bange. A timeless piece in hammered .925 sterling silver that will take you from work to play to an elegant evening with absolute ease. Bangle is approximately .6 cm wide and opening is 6.5 cm wide.


  • Hammered Silver Wide BangleSALE

    Hammered Silver Wide Bangle

    A wonderfully heavy hammered .925 sterling silver bangle makes the perfect statement. At 1 cm diameter wide, this substantial bangle will give any outfit the lift you are looking for.  Opening measures 6.5 cm across.


  • Silver 35 Strand Fluid BraceletSALE

    Silver 35 Strand Fluid Bracelet

    35 glittering strands of .925 sterling silver are clamped with cones of silver into a beautiful, fluid bracelet. Length adjusts from 17.5 cm to 20 cm.


  • Silver Curve Chain BraceletSALE

    Silver Curve Chain Bracelet

    Fine and feminine, this pretty bracelet in .925 sterling silver features a fine link chain holding a delicate curve of solid sterling silver across the top of the wrist. Bracelet fits writs from 16 to 20 cm.


  • Silver Curved Oxidised CuffSALE

    Silver Curved Oxidised Cuff

    This fine cuff features an oxidized patterned centre piece with and solid balls at either end. Crafted in .925 sterling silver the cuff style bangle is strong and flexible for easy on and off with a secure, close fit on your wrist.


  • Silver Double Row Ball BraceletSALE

    Silver Double Row Ball Bracelet

    This is a pretty bracelet in .925 sterling silver featuring three fine chains holding a double row of tiny balls. Bracelet fits writs from 16 to 21 cm.


  • Silver Eyelet Fine BangleSALE

    Silver Eyelet Fine Bangle

    This is a beautiful, simple, sleek piece in .925 sterling silver. The substantial rod of solid silver is approx 0.4 cm wide and forms two intertwined eyelets for unique appeal. A true bangle, this slides on over the hand, with no catches or clasps.


  • Silver Fine Chain Ball BraceletSALE

    Silver Fine Chain Ball Bracelet

    This is a beautiful, simple five strand bracelet in .925 sterling silver. Each of the five fine chains is adorned with tiny ball charms. Bracelet fits writs from 16 to 22 cm.


  • Silver Knot BraceletSALE

    Silver Knot Bracelet

    This gorgeous little bracelet features .925 sterling silver knot links. Simply stunning. Bracelet is 20 cm long.


  • Silver Twist Fine BangleSALE

    Silver Twist Fine Bangle

    A lovely piece in polished .925 sterling silver. The ribbon of silver is 0.4 cm wide and is gently twisted as it circles the wrist in this contemporary bangle. The twists catch the light and make a big statement at a very affordable price. Wear it alone, or stack it up!


  • Silver Twist Hinged BangleSALE

    Silver Twist Hinged Bangle

    A sleek, contemporary design in polished .925 sterling silver this bangle is slightly oval in shaped and hinged for ease of putting on. A solid flat ribbon of silver 1.1 cm wide is gently twisted to sit perfectly around the wrist. It is a statement piece that will happily stand alone!


  • Silver Wrap Fine BangleSALE

    Silver Wrap Fine Bangle

    A flat ribbon of .925 sterling silver graduates to a finer point in a beautiful piece that literally wraps the wrist. The flat ribbon is approx 0.4 cm wide and narrows down to a rod shape at the point. The bangle is oval in shape to ensure the wrap sits on the top of your wrist for maximum effect.


  • Sterling Silver  Cuff NarrowSALE

    Sterling Silver Cuff Narrow

    Proving the old adage that small is beautiful, this narrower version of our stunning wide cuff packs a serious style punch. This beautiful .925 sterling silver cuff measures a not insignificant 2 cm wide and also features the tiniest hint of flare at the edges, just as its big sister does. As with all sterling silver, the cuff can be gently shaped by the wearer for a perfect fit to ensure it sits right where you want it.


  • Sterling Silver Circle BraceletSALE

    Sterling Silver Circle Bracelet

    .925 sterling silver circles in two sizes link in two rows to form a very pretty statement bracelet . Length is 18.75 cm.


  • Sterling Silver Freeform CuffSALE

    Sterling Silver Freeform Cuff

    A stunning freeform cuff in solid. .925 sterling silver makes the most elegant statement. You will love this forever -- we promise! Cuff is just over 4 cm wide at the widest point and fits like a second skin.


  • Sterling Silver Stacked Disc BraceletSALE

    Sterling Silver Stacked Disc Bracelet

    Tiny discs of .925 sterling silver are thread onto a sterling silver bracelet to form a delicate but substantial piece. Finished with a beautiful toggle closure for a contemporary look, this bracelet will become an instant favourite. Bracelet is 18.75 cm long.


  • Sterling Silver X CuffSALE

    Sterling Silver X Cuff

    Beautifully handcrafted in Mexico, this sleek and sophisticated cuff definitely delivers the X factor! Made from polished .925 sterling silver the cuff is a stunning 3 cm wide and sits beautifully.


  • Twisted Silver Medium BangleSALE

    Twisted Silver Medium Bangle

    A beautiful piece to mix and match or wear alone for a sleek and sophisticated look. A timeless piece in solid .925 sterling silver. Bangle is approximately .6 cm wide and opening is 6.5 cm in diameter.


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Best Sellers

  • Sterling Silver CZ Spinner RingSALE

    Sterling Silver CZ Spinner Ring

    A beautiful ring in .925 sterling silver features a row of small star set CZ set between two bands of 9 CT rose gold. These three bands spin between the embossed and very lightly oxidized edges of the ring. Ring is approximately 1.0 cm wide. For rings larger than size R an additional $75 applies.


  • Sterling Silver Embossed Spin RingSALE

    Sterling Silver Embossed Spin Ring

    This is a really gorgeous ring. A slightly flared ring in .925 sterling silver is delicately embossed and supports two rose gold filled spinning bands. One spinner features a rope like design, and the other a bamboo like design. The ring is incredibly comfortable to wear, with a polished to perfection interior and is 1.2 cm wide. It's a real delight at this price too! For rings larger than size R an additional $55 applies.